12 Easy Ways to Show Yourself More Love

When you look back at the end of the day, how many times did you show yourself some love? Your relationship with yourself is fundamental to your wellbeing. However, it’s easy to overlook it when you’re busy with responsibilities at work and home.

You may not have much free time or extra cash for fancy spas and complicated projects. If you do have spare cash, Splurge! Fortunately, many of the most effective self-care routines are free and straightforward.

Cherish yourself today. Try these 12 easy ways to increase your health and happiness.

Developing Your Self-Awareness

To value yourself, you need to understand yourself first. Knowing that you can make positive changes also increases your motivation and energy levels.

These strategies can help you become more self-aware:

1 – Take time to reflect daily. Stay in touch with your thoughts and feelings. Find a quiet space to sit down and observe what’s on your mind without making judgements. Even a few minutes of contemplation can be helpful.

2 – Ask for feedback. Others may sometimes notice things you miss. Listen with an open mind and search for relevant information even if you disagree with some points. Apply what you learn.

3 – Take personality tests. Those assessments you find online and in magazines have their limits. Still, you may gain some insights, especially if you notice patterns over time.

4 – Be honest. Examining yourself can take courage. Accept yourself as you are. Figure out what you want out of life and hold yourself accountable for your actions.

Protecting Your Health

Positive habits can help protect you from obesity, diabetes, diabesity, and other serious issues. Instead of viewing your choices as sacrifices, think of them as signs that you care about yourself.

Try these techniques:

5 – Eat healthily. Nourish yourself with delicious whole foods. Set the table and use your fine china even when you’re eating alone.

6 – Sleep well. Aim for 7 to 9 hours of high-quality rest each night. Create soothing bedtime rituals like reading classic novels and sipping chamomile tea. Take a warm bath and wear soft pajamas. Keep your bedroom dark and quiet. How about a sleep mask?

7 – Exercise regularly. Does working out feel like a chore? Have more fun with your fitness program. Invite a friend to join you or take group classes. Listen to music or use apps that gamify your activities.

8 – Manage stress. Release tension by slowing down and breathing deeply. Develop hobbies. How about vegetable gardening or sketching faces? Play with your kids and pet your dog.

Boosting Your Happiness

Your feelings are under your control. According to research, just believing that you have power over your happiness tends to make you much happier. You’ll probably make even more progress if you back up those beliefs with concrete actions.

Keep these tips in mind:

9 – Cultivate close relationships. Loving others brings you more love in return. Make your family and friends a top priority. Resolve conflicts promptly and respectfully. Be generous and forgiving.

10 – Laugh and play. Humor is an important life skill. Try to see the funny side of difficult situations. Share a joke with a coworker. Watch movies that make you laugh. Visit a comedy club on your next date night and follow comedians on social media.

 Smiling for no reason switches your brain from the right prefrontal cortex (the site of doom and gloom) to the left prefrontal cortex (the site of happiness and sunshine).  Even if you have to use your fingers to move your mouth into a smile (or put a pencil sideways in your mouth), you will feel the benefits of a flood of feel-good chemicals body (and emotion) wide.

11 – Live with purpose. Set goals that are compelling and realistic for you. Make decisions that align with your values. Connect with something greater than yourself.

12 – Think positively. Train yourself to be more optimistic. Notice the fortunate things that happen each day. Savor small pleasures like sipping hot coffee and watching the sun rise. Make lists of things you are grateful for or write in a gratitude journal every morning.

Self-love is an ongoing practice and something that you can do anywhere and anytime. Treating yourself with kindness and compassion builds the foundation for a fulfilling life and healthy relationships with others.

The simple fact that you exist guarantees you deserve the best that life offers. You ARE enough exactly as you are!