Chocolate Kisses

By: Patti Anne Neal

Sonoran Love, #1​

Strong-willed Maggie is a gifted psychologist and counselor. However, her dismal business skills leave her desperately trying to save her private practice. Having lost in love, Maggie avoids romantic situations. When enticing Hugh Bradford enters her life, Maggie runs scared. Can she overcome her wariness with the handsome and wealthy Hugh Bradford enough to chance her heart?

CEO Hugh Bradford is married to his job. No female has tempted him to take time away from his first love – his very successful business. However, the elusive Maggie Conley has Hugh's head spinning, and his heart aching, until he is virtually unproductive and such a grouch that his family and employees are complaining. Can Hugh's matchmaking family manipulate him into pursuing the elusive Maggie enough to win her love?