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Dr. Taylor is the three-time recipient of the Stephen Shank Teaching Award, recipient of the Excellence Award: Courage to Change, Enrichment, Leadership, & Mentoring LLC, 2017, and is acknowledged in Who’s Who in American Education 7th Edition 2006 – 2007.

As a Capella University professor, Doc taught graduate-level counseling and psychology online and in one-week, face-to-face residencies.

For nearly twenty years, Doc supervised practicum fieldwork and internships for Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, and Argosy University.

Dr. Taylor spent twenty-one years, as a school psychologist, in public schools, helping educators with behavior-challenged children. She was frustrated with the systems that taught teachers what to teach academically but did not teach them how to manage their classrooms. If a teacher’s university program had a classroom management course, it was almost always theory only.

Doc listened to her educator-daughter’s frustration with how other teachers mistreated her fifth-grade students because of the students’ behavior. “For this year, those are MY kids!” Jennifer insisted, “And no one is going to treat my kids like that!”

Family friends celebrated Kaitlin’s high school graduation, her entrance into collage, and her declaration of a degree program. Kaitlin wanted to be a teacher!

Doc followed Kaitlin’s progress year-by-year. Student teaching! Kaitlin loved her student teaching. Then, Kaitlin got her teaching certificate (and a huge student loan debt).

Finally, Kaitlin had a real job. She was a credentialed teacher with an actual paycheck!

Then it happened . . . After four months in the classroom, Kaitlin was ready to give up! She did not know how she could face the next six months of her first contracted teaching year.

Now, as an inspirational speaker Doc teaches educators, just like Jennifer and Kaitlin, how to manage class-wide and school-wide behavior. With fun, statistics, and stories to back up the Center for Teacher Effectiveness “Time to Teach” process, Doc is a favorite presenter for teachers and administrators.

Doc has enjoyed several long-term careers. She had/has careers as a Registered Nurse, Counselor, Psychologist, School Psychologist, Professor, Lecturer, and Author. She seldom works just one job.

Doc and attorney husband, Neal, enjoy traveling & co-writing. They have support from family animals, Siamese Merlin, Tuxedo Heidi & Mighty-Mini-Mutt, Oso.

Doc wrote MAKING MIRACLES: 1st I Cured My In-Curable Blindness, So Why the Hell AM I Still Fat? to spread healing around the world. She wrote Slip Away: 11 Escape Stories for enjoyment and escapism.

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