How to be Self Disciplined

As we begin a new year, we are all amped up to start new goals and change our daily habits. We have all of this energy at the beginning of the year but how do we maintain that momentum? Self-discipline, it is an important skill to have to achieve moments in your life. Self-discipline can be a difficult skill to master. Here are simple ways to better manage your self-discipline.

Start with a positive attitude. Your mindset is what sets the tone on any situation in your life. If you have a positive attitude toward your new goals, you will lessen the stress and enjoy the newness in your life. Let’s use working out as an example. From switching your mindset from a negative attitude to a positive mindset about working out, you will start to feel good about working out. How do you do switch to a positive mindset?  Say, “Today, I get to work out.  I always feel great after a good workout.”

Prioritize your new habits. When we introduce new things into our lives, we must focus on them, especially in the beginning. When we start something new, we want to make it convenient, pleasing and enjoyable. As we start to prioritize our new habits, we start to feel comfortable. After we get into a flow, we can give more focus back to our daily routine and implement our new habits into the flow of our lives.

How do you talk to yourself? Talk kindly to yourself. The hardest thing to deal with is negativity or blockages while trying to complete or accomplish something. The only thing that can get in our way is ourselves. If we speak to ourselves with kind and loving words we can accomplish more. Stay positive and forgive yourself as you’re going through a change and new situations. Be aware and continue to work at your new routines.

We all have the ability to make changes and create new habits in our lives. All it takes is positivity, focus, kindness and a touch of self-discipline. Believe in the changes, allow positive feelings to rise when you think of your changes, be grateful for the changes you have and every tiny step forward.