How to Find Enjoyment in Reading

Picking up a book can be daunting. We all read on our phones or tablets, but do you take time to sit down and lose yourself in a novel? Reading can be relaxing, the ultimate escapist fantasy, and can also keep your mind sharp. Let’s look at the ways you can start to find enjoyment in reading no matter your skill level or schedule.

Find A Genre You Love and Explore It

Do you enjoy the thrill of a gripping drama on television? Are you a huge fan of murder mysteries, or are daytime soap operas more your bag?

You may not have realized it, but the genres and storylines you see on television exist in books too. Reading something new might remind you of that gripping crime show you’ve been desperate to see.

Books have chapters, just like television shows often have episodes. The format is often similar, with the action taking place over a prolonged period.

You don’t have to read an entire book in one sitting. You can read as much as you like and use chapters as your ‘rest’ points.

Some books are even part of a series. You can indulge in as many as you like and get a feel for the setting, world, and characters, just like you would in a television show.

You can call the shots and be the director of the story! Imagine how the characters look and how the story would look on screen. It’s personal and nobody can challenge your thought process. You can get involved in the book and lose yourself in it.

Make Reading Part of Your Routine

It’s a well-known fact that blue light from phones, tablets, and screens can prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. Consider making non-electronic reading part of your routine.

Perhaps read a chapter of your favorite book each night before you go to bed instead of reaching for your phone.

Maybe read after a stressful day at work or go to the park and indulge in a book. Make reading part of your daily habits. You may look forward to it and enjoy it.

Go To Your Local Library

Libraries are fantastic places to read and explore your favorite books. You can borrow books, read them, and return them.

You can speak to librarians. Find out what their favorite books are and ask for recommendations. You can engage in stimulating discussion about authors, stories, and faraway lands.

Libraries allow you to immediately access thousands of books. Browse some shelves and take time to find the perfect book for you. It’s a great way to stretch your brain and enjoy your downtime.

Attend A Book Club 

There may be a fantastic book club just waiting for you.

Find friends and community groups. Meet up and discuss the latest books in your collection and challenge yourselves to read new ones.

Make a weekly event happen. Combine your book club with socializing and get to know new people and ideas. Read books you would not normally read and then have a healthy debate about them.

If you’ve been considering getting into reading for some time, just pick up a book and try it. If you like it, you can recommend it. If not, you have plenty to discuss with your friends. Get to your local bookstore and find out where your journey into the world of reading will take you.