Ring in Spring with Renewed Focus

Wintertime is a stunningly beautiful time of year. With snow-capped mountains and icicles forming on tree branches, there is just so much natural beauty to behold! However, with arctic temperatures and lack of warm sunshine, this can also be the least inspiring time of year. The harsh winter climate can take its toll on us physically and mentally.

During the colder months, do you tend to lose sight of your goals as you become absorbed by the dreariness and drabness of the air around you? If so, Spring is your opportunity to wake up and feel rejuvenated!

Even if you live in a year-round-warm climate, as I do, springtime is the perfect season for placing renewed focus on your goals. As the dreariness starts to wear away and natural, warm beauty starts to peep through, your mission can be to gain inspiration from what is around you and set out to pick up where you left off with a new outlook.

Ideal Goals to Work Toward During Springtime

When asked what the most important factors are for happiness, the three top answers are Health, Wealth, and Relationships. As you observe what’s re-emerging around you, a good plan is to focus on the following goals:

  • Radiant health enables you to achieve the life you desire more easily. Devote a lot of attention to your physical, emotional, and mental goals. How do you want to strengthen your health and happiness?

  • Getting your body in shape during springtime lets you take advantage of the indomitable spirit of nature. Don’t forget to nature bath and spend time grounding.

Nature bathing simply means spending time in nature. We like to hike in state and national forests and arboretums. Grounding is accomplished by (barefoot) standing, walking, sitting, or laying on the ground, grass, or beach. Neal and our Siamese, Merlin, do barefoot “cat yoga” every morning in our backyard under the trees.

  • Financial wellness. Where are you in relation to your financial goals? Renewing your financial plans can motivate you to take new action toward your financial goals.
  • Are there loved ones that you’ve lost touch with? Reach out! Write a letter longhand and mail it. Call someone. Do something nice for a loved one.

Ideas That Will Help Your Goals Turn into Achievements

  • Head back to the gym. Check with your insurance to see if they pay for gym membership. You’re probably like many others who find it hard to head out to the gym during cold winter days. After all, it means jumping out of a warm bed and into the cold outdoor weather. And it’s perhaps just as hard to restart your workouts after such a long break. But the beginning of spring is the best time to resume because:
  • It’s the beginning of the warm months, so it’s much easier to get out of bed and get going! The sun comes up earlier and goes down later.

  • It’s the perfect season to get inspired by nature because there’s much growth and beauty taking place outdoors. Trees, flowers, and even animals show their ability to prosper after frigid weather, which is an indication that you can successfully do the same!
  • Plan a new diet. A new, refreshing season is the perfect time to start a new diet. Winter is traditionally a season of festivities, which often involves much eating and drinking. And while the festivities are great, they can also wreak havoc on your body. Combat the excess by starting a healthier, more result-oriented food plan. I avoid the word “diet” and use “food plan” because diet is a loaded word.
  • As a person who unsuccessfully jumped from one diet to another, I settled on an almost 100% plant-based diet. Not only did I lose 50 pounds, but I gained much energy, better sleep, easier exercise habits, less asthma and allergies, and pooping is a breeze!

  • Get your annual checkup. Springtime is the season of new beginnings, which also makes it a great time to focus on your physical health. Annual checkups can clear you for your exercise plans and alert you to any concerns you may need to address.

  • Set a schedule for settling debt. Because springtime quite easily inspires renewed focus on goals, this would be a great time to plan settling debt. Whether you have credit cards or car loans, setting a schedule for settling those debts and sticking to it can be one of your primary achievements.
  • Reach out to people in your gym classes, at church, at work, a neighbor. Invite a neighbor for a walk in the neighborhood or at the mall. Perhaps a coffee date would appeal to them. Reach out to friends and relatives that you’ve lost touch with.

It is almost inherent for us to feel inspired when winter months have come to an end and warm spring months draw closer. When you see the world around you renew itself and prosper, you can’t help but feel inspired!

The simple fact that you exist guarantees you deserve the best that life offers. You ARE enough exactly as you are!