Creating a Vision Board

As the new year arrives, we may feel an urge to have new beginnings or to let old things go. As we transition through the winter season, we can take this time to reflect on ourselves and our current life situations. As the new year begins, we can start to implement the changes we want in our lives. There are many different ways to help make these changes.  One helpful method is to create a vision board. Creating a visual board is a fun and exciting way to set the tone for how you would like the new year to look. Here is how to make a simple visual board for 2022.

To begin, there are two methods to making this board. There is a physical board and a digital board. Some like to turn this into an arts and crafts project and physically make a board to hang on the wall. Others like to make a board online and save as their background on their phone or computer. However, the way you create your board is totally up to you. As long as you can see your board daily and you resonate with positive feelings when you see your images.

While creating your board, think of goals and aspirations that would describe the year you would like to have. For example, if you dream of a special house, put pictures of it on your board. Ask yourself these questions: How do I want to feel? Where do I want to live or travel to? What career or work would I like to do? What will my daily routine look like? What are my biggest goals for the year? Who do I want to spend time with or meet? All of these questions are good ways to get a clear description on how you would like your year to manifest. Simply daydream about your perfect life. See yourself as active in your daydreams. Dream about yourself moving through your perfect day.

It is important to spend time and really enjoy creating your board. As you get into the feeling (excitement) of creating, you will resonate more with your goals and feel more confident.  It is the feeling (excitement and happiness) that will bring your daydreams into reality! Think and talk about your dreams as if they were already a done deal so they don’t stay in the future. With a vision board, you will have a better appreciation of your aspirations and really look forward to completing them.

Once the board is completed, save and post it somewhere you will see it daily and spend time looking at. Let the feelings of excitement and happiness rise as you think about your dreams. Remember to celebrate all of your accomplishments and give thanks for where you are currently. Understand that life is all about the journey, so be open and excited about the transition.