Gratitude & Joy vs Coronavirus

Health + Wealth + Love = Happiness.

Coronavirus threatens every area of happiness that we enjoy.

Gratitude and joy are the highest vibrational emotions that exist. Using gratitude and joy will get you what you need/want quicker, and better, than any other method.

Thinking about your worries and fears will only increase your suffering. Don’t go there! Negative thoughts and emotions are very low vibrations and only bring more suffering!

Change your mindset/emotional-vibrational set point

If you catch yourself thinking that you do not have what you need, stop your thoughts and deliberately think about the good things in your life. Maybe write a list of good things and keep adding to it every day. Or, make a list of people and things you love.

One of my favorite things to do to change my mindset, after singing and dancing, is to watch videos of babies laughing. When I was a professor teaching residency counseling and psychology, I sometimes played laughing babies on a large monitor as students came into the classroom. It got us off to an excellent start, even though we were exhausted from traveling and sitting in a classroom for long hours day after day. I love YouTube!  Laughing babies are so easy to find!

Daydreaming about what you want will help you get what you want. So daydream what you want happening in the present.  Thinking about the future will only keep your wishes out of range, just beyond your fingertips.

Change your mindset/emotional-vibrational set point and then . . . 

Take Action!  DO something that will move you toward what you need. Or, help someone else. There is always someone in worse shape than you. This process will move you toward what you need and want. It will also change your mindset control to a higher vibrational default (positive mindset = better health).

I do not write a check without saying, “Thank you for the money to pay this bill”. Sometimes I write “thank you” on the memo lines of every check (thank you for the money to pay the bill, and for the service or item I am paying for, and for the people who process the payment and . . .).

I love money, so I express gratitude for every bit of money I have. This is most important when I am short of what I need. I frequently say something like this: “I am always amazed at how much money is in my account. And I AM a money magnet! Thank you for my abundant prosperity!”  I might say, “I’m delighted to pay this bill!  Thank you!”  If I don’t feel grateful at that moment, I get up and sing and dance about my love of prosperity and abundance. Then, I continue paying bills.

If I don’t feel prosperous, I stand up and dance while singing something like the song, “Money, Money, Money, Money”. Singing and dancing increase my own vibrations. Increasing my own vibrations increases the likelihood of increasing my abundance and prosperity.

If we are short of something, the quickest way to increase it is to give it away! 

Need love?  Give love to others. Do something kind for someone. A smile costs nothing and can make someone’s day! Mr. Rogers (from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood) said, “Smile someone into smiling!” Try it when you go through the drive-through window and for the people in your home.

If we focus on gratitude for our happiness, we will move toward what we need in every area of our lives. Health + Wealth + Love = Happiness.

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Gratitude and Joy are the best defenses for adverse conditions, including Coronavirus.

Coronavirus does not stand a chance against Gratitude & Joy.

Please send positive posts about how you are keeping safe and making your own miracles.  

Stay home. Stay Safe. And Make Your OWN Miracles!

Love & Miracles,