Caring For Pets During Quarantine

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I think we can all agree that the pandemic has gone on a lot longer than we all could have ever imagined. So much has changed within the past year, and so many of us are incredibly stressed, including our pets. Animals can sense and feel what their human companions are feeling, and if we are stressed, so are they. This is why we need to focus on them now more than ever.

Keep them busy

One thing we can do for the pets that we adore and love is to keep them busy. Whether this is with new toys or a new trick that we teach them, it does not matter. They will enjoy spending the extra time with us. They do not understand why everyone is home all of a sudden during the day. If you have a cat, you can teach them to high five or rollover. If you have a dog, you can teach them to sit, roll over, play fetch, shake hands, and so much more. Simple things such as these can help our pets’ minds stay stress-free, and it can eliminate the boredom they may face. Our animals tend to get uneasy when I leave home because I am there so much of the time. They are sensitive to our changes in routine.

Give them extra love and affection

If you are like many people, you are staying home as much as possible to keep yourself, your loved ones, and others safe. The fewer people that are out and about, the better. If you have a dog, they might be ecstatic, but if you have a cat, not so much. Regardless of what animal you own as a pet, they appreciate any extra love and attention they can get. It does not matter as to what you do. Still, some things you can do with a dog are extra-long, socially distanced walks around the neighborhood, you could give them a nice groom to help them feel better and cleaner, and last but not least, something any dog would appreciate is unlimited snuggles and pets. If you have a cat, they might enjoy some extra snuggles and more playtime and treats. Our cat needs less lap time on days that I am home.

Keeping ourselves healthy

While there may or may not be evidence of animals contracting the virus that has been continuously going around, it is still essential to keep ourselves healthy and safe for many reasons. If we feel sick and depressed, then there is a chance that our pets might feel the same way. Animals can sense when something is wrong, and they know how a person is feeling. Animals could also be prone to a sickness that they have never been exposed to, so it is vital to keep up with safety practices even at home. Remember to properly wash your hands after handling things such as food, cleaning products, etc., and keep your distance around people who are not in your immediate household.

Pay attention to the signs

By this, I mean your pets. If they start acting differently or if you just feel like something is off, then more often than not, something is wrong. It’s very important to pay attention to the signs that animals give because they cannot vouch for themselves and tell us directly what is wrong, we have to be their advocates. Always call your veterinarian if you suspect something is off and never be afraid to tell the vet what exactly is going on. It may be silly to you but it could be something deadly for your beloved pet.