Caring for Your Furry Friend

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Most of us love having a furry friend around the house, they keep us company, make us laugh and love us unconditionally. Some say having pets is like having children but with less responsibilities. However, there are still some duties that are required in order to have a healthy pet. 

Let’s start with grooming, we all know animals shed and can be smelly sometimes. Well, shedding is due to poor grooming and smell can come from rotten teeth. Here are some important aspects to focus on when grooming your pet: 

Focus on brushing or shaving. As the seasons change, animals naturally shed to cool themselves. If an animal is not brushed properly, it can cause excess shedding. Which results in messy houses and furry clothes. Regularly brush your pets to avoid excess shedding. 

Trim their nails. Yes, animals deserve pedicures too. Clipping your dog’s nails regularly actually keeps them safe. If an animal’s nails become too long it can affect their walking and cause pain. If nails are not clipped, they are prone to breaking.  If the entire nail breaks it may cause bleeding and pain. Walking on pavement helps keep nails short. Pavement is like a natural nail filer. 

Clean their ears. Depending on the types of ears your animals have, ear wax build up is very common. Having too much earwax, or allergies, can cause infections and hearing loss. Having excess ear wax is not comfortable for animals and can cause irritability. Focus on cleaning their ears regularly before the buildup gets out of control.  Ears that droop are more prone to infection because the insides stay moist. Combined with the dark environment, moist droopy ears are perfect bacterial breeding grounds. 

We love our furry friends and enjoy having them around. They give us unconditional love and they deserve special treatment as well. If you’re struggling with grooming your pet, take them to a local groomer and treat your pet to a special spa day. 

Feel the love you and your pet have for each other. Now direct that love to yourself. If you forget how wonderful you are, just check in with your pet for reassurance. 

The simple fact that you exist guarantees that you deserve the very best.  You are enough!!