Pets and the Coronavirus

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Do you worry about your pet and the dangers they may face during ths Coronavirus crisis? Do you know if your most loyal companion is at risk? Well maybe I can help ease your mind a bit by telling you so far, they are safe. The Center for Disease Control says there is no evidence of the virus being transmitted to pets at this time. So breathe just a bit easier now. But only a little. There are still issues you should be concerned about.


While your little Toto or big Clifford is incapable of getting sick from this demon virus, evidence has been found of the virus in their nose. So if you are sick and cuddling with your baby, every breath you breathe on him or her is leaving those germs all over Fido. This means that someone can catch COVID-19 from petting your fuzzy friend. And that isn’t really something you want to do is it?


Now, let’s talk about what you can do to protect yourself, your lovely pets, and everyone else. If you are unfortunate enough to catch the coronavirus, don’t cuddle. Stay away from your pet and don’t breathe on them. The American Kennel Club has a great informational video on what you should do to protect your pups and kitties.


As of March 30, there are 8 strains of the novel coronavirus according to Nextstrain. This means mutations are taking place. Who knows if the next mutation will be strong enough to infect our innocent love bundles! While HIGHLY unlikely at this point, it is possible in the future.


My opinion is that our pets should be treated just as you would treat any other family member. Say you go for a walk with your 1 year old. Would you wash their hands when you got home? I bet you put shoes on your baby. I bet you kept him/her away from any passer bys. While dogs don’t typically wear shoes, washing their paws is a logical step to take. I would have to pass on anyone petting my walking companion as well. Just as you wouldn’t let your baby human in your face when you are sick, the same should go for your baby dog or cat. Protect your 4-legged little ones. They need your help.