Empowering Educators: The Inspiring Journey of Doc Taylor

When asked to write a biography, Doc wrinkles her nose and then looks for someone else to write the bio. She says writing about herself is just too boring when other people are much more interesting. Doc’s refrain is that she just happens to be the most fortunate person in the entire world. However, she loves to teach others how to be the most fortunate along with her. So, here’s the bio someone else wrote:

In the realm of education, there are exceptional individuals whose dedication and passion shine brightly. One such remarkable individual is Dr. Patti Taylor, a three-time recipient of the prestigious Stephen Shank Teaching Award, multiple Who’s Who awards and a Lifetime Achievement Award. Her journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, an unwavering commitment to teaching, and a burning desire to improve the lives of both students and educators. Through her diverse career roles, from a registered nurse to a school psychologist to a professor and an inspirational speaker, Doc has left an indelible mark on the field of education. Her multi-award-winning book Making Miracles: 1st I Cured my In-Curable Blindness, so why the Hell am I Still fat? teaches the art of living your most joyous life. This blog aims to illuminate her inspiring story and highlight her invaluable contributions.

A Frustration Leads to Change:

Doc’s journey in education began in earnest as a school psychologist, where she worked tirelessly to support educators dealing with behavior-challenged children and to support those same behavior-challenged children. During her twenty-one years in public schools, she encountered a significant problem — teachers were often ill-equipped to manage their students’ classroom behavior effectively.  Academic instruction was taught extensively in teaching programs. However, classroom management strategies were theoretical in nature. Recognizing this systemic gap, Doc became determined to make a difference.

The Motivation of a Daughter:

Driven by her daughter Jennifer’s frustration with the systemic mistreatment of her fifth-grade students, due to their behavior, Doc felt an even stronger impetus for change. Jennifer passionately declared, “For this year, those are MY kids! And no one is going to treat my kids like that!” These words resonated deeply with Doc, propelling her further along her transformative path.

The Birth of a Teacher:

As fate would have it, Doc’s journey intersected with that of another teacher, Kaitlin. Kaitlin’s graduation from high school marked the beginning of her aspiration to become a teacher. Kaitlin embarked on her educational journey, ultimately earning her teaching certificate. The excitement was short-lived, however, as Kaitlin soon found herself on the verge of giving up after just four months of teaching. The challenges she faced left her questioning her ability to endure the remainder of her first contracted teaching year.

A Beacon of Inspiration:

Determined to help educators like Jennifer and Kaitlin overcome these hurdles, Doc embraced a new co-role as an inspirational speaker and consultant. Armed with the proven “Love and Logic for Teachers” and the “Time to Teach” process developed by the Center for Teacher Effectiveness, she empowered teachers and administrators with practical strategies for managing class-wide and school-wide behavior.

A Multifaceted Career:

Doc’s professional journey spans numerous fields, showcasing her versatility and unquenchable thirst for knowledge. From her early career as a Registered Nurse to her roles as a Counselor, Psychologist, School Psychologist, Professor, Lecturer, and Author, she has constantly sought opportunities for growth and impact. Her diverse experiences have shaped her unique perspective and equipped her with a wealth of insights to share.

New Challenges:

Doc used a life insurance longevity calculator to see how much life she was likely to have ahead of her. The computation said she could expect about 28 more years. After exclaiming, “Yikes!” Doc decided to use those approximately three decades to learn something new. She took acting classes. When her teacher asked Doc what she wanted from acting classes, other than acting jobs, Doc responded, “Oh, I don’t want to work! I want to have fun!” The teacher responded, “So, have fun working as an actor!”

A Life Beyond Work:

Doc recently told her 93-year-old mama that she never expected to be 74 and having so much fun! Beyond her professional endeavors as an actor, Doc finds joy in the company of her husband, Neal, an attorney with whom she shares a love for travel and co-writing. Their family is completed by children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren plus their beloved animals.  Doc enjoys cooking plant-based meals and doing Yoga. This rich tapestry of personal experiences and connections undoubtedly contributes to Doc’s profound understanding of the human experience, further enriching her work as an educator, author, and actor.  Look for Doc in roles of mature (read mature as “older”) characters!  All of Doc’s award-winning books can be accessed at DocTaylorBooks.com.