Preparing For Back To School

The most substantial transition of the year returns, going back to school. We all know the sad
feeling of summer coming to an end and getting ready for the new school year. As the seasons change, it is helpful to prepare ahead of time to ensure a smooth transition from summer vacation to fall.

We all enjoyed the free time of summer and not having to worry about deadlines and scheduling.  As school starts, it can take a little bit to read just into our busy schedules. But first, let’s start with the fun stuff – buying school supplies! There is no better feeling than having fresh supplies
on the first day of school. After you gather all of your supplies, you start to prepare for the first
day. You pick out your favorite outfit and pack your lunch and get a good night of sleep. You wake up feeling prepared and have an awesome first day of school. 

Whether you’re a freshman in college or helping your little ones start elementary school, the preparation is all the same. It is easy to keep up with the transition in the beginning because of all
the new changes and meeting new friends. But what happens as the year continues and the excitement goes away? The seriousness begins to flow in with assignments and exams. When the year becomes mundane, refer back to your daily preparation to help ease the stress.

To begin, getting ready the day before will be a huge lifesaver. By completing all of your assignments, packing your lunch, picking out your clothes, and packing your bag are all steps we should continue throughout the year. These simple steps can help you sleep better at night and have a less stressful morning as you run out the door to catch the bus.

For parents, it is helpful to support your child as they transition back into school. It is harder for kids because it takes a little longer to get out of the summer mindset. Helping them the day before is a fun bonding experience and an enjoyable way to ensure your child is prepared. It is also a fun way to teach responsibility. To increase the success of your child, greet them with positivity and excitement to complete their assignments. Children are still in the flow of school when they get home, so they are more susceptible to retain more information as it is still fresh in their minds. Sleeping overnight on new learning allows the mind to sort and retain the new knowledge. Allowing your kids to play outside or video games after they complete their assignments is a great reward. It will encourage them to finish their work.

Focusing on getting into a routine will help you stay organized whether you care for yourself or a child. Having a routine is a good way to eliminate mistakes and have more free time to enjoy fun activities. I hope these helpful tips can make a difference in your school year. Good luck to all!