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Ways To Cope With The Coronavirus

So, I know everyone is concerned with the Coronavirus crisis and everything that will result from it. I wish I could tell you that everything will be okay. But the truth is, I don’t know. Nobody knows. The impact of this crisis will most likely change life as we know it. The way this virus has crippled our entire world is unsettling and upsetting.

That being said, I hope to inspire you today. With everyone distancing and isolating, I want to remind you that you are NOT alone. We live in a day and age where the internet is a way of life for most people. Well, now it is pretty much everybody. I have a few tips and suggestions on how you can ease the discomfort that is imposed by these new orders to stay home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Social Media

Social media platforms are, and were, used daily for instant contact with friends and family. These are now more important than ever. We can’t be in the same room with people but we can hop on a call and video chat. This isn’t quite the same, but it is better than being alone and having nobody to talk to. (I’m sure your fur babies love you, but they need a break. Ha-ha) We are all in the same situation and have similar feelings of fear and sadness. While we can’t be together, we need to stand together to get through this.


Exercise can be a bit tricky when you can only utilize about 2,000 square feet. It is doable though! There are plenty of apps with exercise routines you can do with little to no equipment. This workout from Thrillist is a good example of just how much you can do while sitting at home.

You can choose any method or technique you like and pull it up on YouTube.  I enjoy a good Qi Gong routine called 8 Pieces of Brocades (Qi Gong is pronounced Chi Gong). Considering that most of us currently have too much time on our hands, this may be the time to start exercising.

The last topic I want to discuss is a bit more personal and the most significant during this Coronavirus pandemic. Brace yourself for this one……..

Financial Downfall

Financial downfall is a big concern for millions of people right now. A large majority of us live paycheck to paycheck. Small businesses are in jeopardy of never opening again. Luckily, the government has agreed to help a bit with stimulus checks, but how long will $1,200 last you? After paying power, water, and gas bills and buying groceries, the average household would be left with about $350. And that doesn’t take into account any car payments, credit cards, or loans. If you are fortunate enough to have a mortgage that is allowing payments to be postponed, you can make it for a short period of time. Hopefully, this won’t go on for too long and your employer will be able to get you back to work. BUT there are no guarantees even with the support these businesses are receiving from the government, there is still a chance small businesses won’t survive the Coronavirus.

So here is where you have to be quite creative.

If you are out of work, what did you do? Were you a weight loss coach? A massage therapist? Painter? Out of the non-essential jobs that are put on hold currently, do you actually need to have in-person contact with the customer or client? For instance, if you are a yoga instructor, you are no longer able to have classes in your studio. BUT you do have a yoga mat and a camera don’t you? Run your class online through Zoom, Webex, or Skype.

While you might not be able to charge full price, you can at least have SOME income by running your class online. You are in need of income, and people are sitting at home in need of something to do. This helps both parties, helps keep you from financial stress, and could keep the nation from complete financial ruin.

For the ones of us who do need to have actual in-person, skin to skin contact, think of how you can stem off of that to create a need for people that can be fulfilled online or over the phone. In this example, I will address a manicurist. I know what you’re thinking — Of course, this can’t be completed online!!! And you’re right. It can’t. But you know what you can do online? Give tips and pointers on good nail maintenance. You could do a 30-day nail growth challenge. Or record how-to videos on designs or techniques. You could give in-depth explanations on acrylic nails and how they work, or how gel nails bond to your nails. You could even sell nail polishes or manicure kits online! Get creative! Really think about it.

While life isn’t fun right now, it is imperative we stand together and stop this tyrant Coronavirus from sickening or even KILLING any more people.

Stay at home. Be safe. Stay healthy. Together, we can overcome this crisis.

Love & Miracles,


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