Transitioning with the Seasons (For Those Lucky Enough to Have a Change of Seasons)

Ahh, the most beautiful time of the year! The leaves are changing and our cozy sweaters are coming out of the closet. As we enjoy the beautiful scenery it’s important to prepare for the change of seasons. Here are a few ways to prepare.

Transition your closet. The cute tank tops and breezy shorts are not useful as the temperature cools down. A simple way to prepare is to switch out your closet. Grab a container and put all of your summer clothes in there and hang up your sweaters in your closet or fold them into drawers. Bring out the socks, tights, gloves, hats and have your coats close by. This clothes management can make getting ready in the morning easier and it’s a simple way to stay organized with clothing.

Research yummy recipes. Unfortunately, the sweet watermelons, pineapples and mangoes are not in season anymore but the delicious squash, potatoes and pumpkin are. Take some time to research new tasty recipes to try this fall to make cooking more fun and reliable. Cooking is a fun way to gather friends and family and there is no better way to enjoy company than with a delicious meal and a warm fire.

Focus on your immune system. We all know flu season is around the corner so it would be smart to prepare our immune systems to stay healthy as the season changes. People may get sick around this time because they were not prepared for the colder days or were not fueling their bodies properly. Drink plenty of fluids and get lots of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables. I love to make large pots of vegetable-rich soups to freeze for use as needed. So, to avoid a sickly season remember to focus on staying healthy and keeping your hands clean as germs love to spread at this time. Avoid hot water for hand washing. Running water and a mild soap will help protect the integrity of your skin–your body’s first line of defense.

Exercise tips

Neal does his exercise routine outside under the trees. He gets lots of terpenes from the trees. Neal calls his exercise “cat yoga” because our Siamese, Merlyn, goes out with him and does his feline stretches. Neal also walks most mornings. The weather is perfect for long walks. Neal used to walk with our dog, but Oso has gotten too frail to walk very often. Because of COVID, I’m used to doing my exercise classes on Zoom. I love my Yoga and Tai Chi/Qi Gong classes.

As seasons change, it brings awareness that we too can transition. Change is fun and exciting and important for self-growth. Have fun with change and be open to trying new things. Hope you all have a safe, and fun, fall and winter!