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Preparing for Seasonal Changes

For many people summer weather is coming to an end, and the cold seasons are upon them, which means changing up their routine. As they pack away summer clothes and finish up with summer travels, they can swap these items with healthy choices as the cold seasons start to roll in. Preparing for winter is very simple as the main focus is keeping our body and mind strong. Here are some easy summer to winter swaps to maintain a healthy lifestyle for people who actually experience a change in weather seasons.

We all enjoy a nice refreshing cold drink during the summer, but that may not be too enjoyable when it is cold outside. However, have you noticed how busy ice cream stores are in very cold weather? To enjoy your refreshment, you can swap your cold drink with a warm tea. There are plenty of yummy tea blends that help boost your immune system and keep you warm. If you’re not much of a tea drinker and still like a refreshing drink, orange juice is great to fill your body with vitamin C. Also, if you ever feel a little under the weather, drink a few glasses of orange juice. This special juice will help you feel better.

If your weather is getting colder, working out outside may not be as enjoyable. No worries, swapping your location or workout routine is a good way to start the new season. If you like to rest more during the colder season, swap your workout with a mindful routine. For example, you may enjoy meditation, yoga or journaling. Although mediation and journaling are not the same as exercising your body, they are still exercising your mind which is just as important. Yoga will exercise both your mind and your body. You Tube has many yoga practices to choose from. A lot of us like to take a break during the fall and winter so that leaves more space to focus on realigning with our goals and our mental health.

Next, since fruit is not as available during the winter, swap your favorite fruit with your favorite leafy greens. Fruit is a fun and refreshing snack during the summer that is filled with nutrients and vitamins. However, during the winter months, it is comforting to eat carb-rich holiday meals that are not so filled with nutrients. Be mindful of adding more leafy greens to ensure you’re still getting the same nutrients as you got during summer.

If you live in a perpetually sunny climate, like I do, you look forward to winter and cooler weather with your flip flops and shorts. Don’t forget to stock up on summer clothing closeout sales. Outdoor activities are more enjoyable when you are not experiencing excessive heat advisories. For colder areas, we all love summer but fall and winter are still important times to realign and focus on ourselves as our outdoor activities start to slow down. Regardless of the time of year, it is also important to focus on health and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Change is good for the soul so find fun ways to change up your routine to bring a refresh feeling into your life.