How to Put Your Money to Good Use

Have you ever thought of creative ways to increase your income? Commonly, we have one or two sources of income. But, did you know that most successful people have up to 7 streams of income?! Now, I know that may seem like a lot to handle. However, you’d be surprised how some of those methods can be little to no effort at all. Here are 3 simple ways to create new streams of income.

Invest. Although this may seem like a simple yet risky way to make more money, there are a lot of benefits to investing. With the economy and money becoming more digital it seems less intrusive to invest more. Some popular platforms to invest in are Crypto Currency, NFTs, and the Stock Market. I know nothing about Crypto or NFTs, so do your homework! 

If you speak with a financial adviser, make sure their fiduciary duty is to you and not to a company they work for!  As the world changes, it is helpful to stay educated with new trends and companies as they will have an effect on the collective. The more we educate ourselves, the more efficient we can become in increasing our income.

Cash is still accepted. Simply withdrawing as much cash as you need every so often can help you save extra money. People are not so susceptible to overspending cash, if it’s not readily available. You might kind of forget you even have a cash savings and not dip into it as much. Don’t leave large amounts in your checking account because it is more vulnerable there than it is in a savings account of some sort.

Create a side business. Yes, entrepreneurship is becoming the new trend.  Entrepreneurship may become the new main source of income for many. Whether you are reselling items in your home, creating products to sell online, or attending local pop-up shops. Creating a fun way to make money can instill motivation and self-discipline in your daily routine. Find a skill and learn to monetize it. You’d be surprised how much freedom there is in running your own business.

Donate. Although, this method may not seem like a quick way to make money it is a powerful tool to cultivate a positive mindset of gratitude around your money. When we share wealth and knowledge, wealth and knowledge are shared with us. It is said that “you get what you put in” or in other words, Karma. Having gratitude, a positive attitude and open mindset with your wealth and knowledge creates less stress.

During hard times it is easy to stress about income and accumulating more of it. There is unlimited wealth in the world for each person. With the versatile world, we live in today, there are plenty of creative opportunities to increase your income. Be thankful for every bit of money you have—money will multiply simply from gratitude. Be thankful for your every thin dime, so the dimes can fatten and multiply exponentially. Remember, true wealth is about much more than money.  Begin with doing your research and gaining knowledge and confidence and watch how abundant your life becomes.

If you have thoughts of not deserving boatloads of money, repeat the following as often as needed:

The simple fact that I exist guarantees I deserve the very best.  I AM enough!!